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OpenStreetMap and LandMap Vivo

Real Vector Maps

OpenStreetMap Straßenkarte

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free world road map.

The data are free for everyone. It consists of pure vector maps, e.g. real graphical objects thatmay be named, edited, deleted.  This is a vital difference to e.g. Google Maps.

No licence fee

If you create own maps based on external soruces it is harmless for private use only. But if you want to pass on or publish the map it is problematic cause almost all available map data are licence protected. Even the "free" accessible sources of "Virtual Earth", "Google Maps" or "Google Earth" may not be used to any purpose.

In contrast data based on OpenStreetMap are absolutely free, may be passed on the everyone and may be published. Only condition is to designate the source and that in the same way everyone may use your map for free. This involves that you may use maps based on OpenStreetMap in commercial projects and even sell these maps.

OpenStreetMap is a relatively young project with an explosive development. Further information see www.openstreetmap.org.

Load OpenStreetMap data from the web - free of charge

You may load the data from  www.openstreetmap.org.

Import OpenStreetMap into "LandMap Vivo"

You may create a new map based on an OSM file or add OSM content to existing maps.

A special filter allows to select purposefull only the objects you need, e.g. railway stations.

Example after import into "LandMap Vivo":

The german city Rostock and its surrounding area:

The read marked section from the example above (Messehalle Rostock) in detail:

Same section on the background of an aereal photo from your "Vivo Cache".

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