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Setup Creator for Windows Programs.

Creating Setups is no longer complicated

Easy to handle setup guide

Multilingual Installations

Predefined licence texts in different languages
User interface in english, german and spanish


Testmode to simulate installations
Components for creating the Installer and Uninstaller are included in a virus-safe encrypted toolbox

Some features

  • Standard Installer Interface
  • ValidInstaller Setups are also running on the target machine when Microsoft Installer is absent.
  • Customizable Setups
  • Automatic registration of ActiveX components
  • Secure "Shared File" option
  • "Write protected" opion for registry keys, predefined registry keys 
  • Setups for all users or only the current user of the computer
  • Windows core files are excluded from uninstallation

Comprehensive Project Documentation

The Alpa and Omega of  software design is a clean and detailled documentation. This involves also the setup projects. 
ValidInstaller creates automatically a full documentation for each project - with preview and print option.

Here's an example of a project documentation  as PDF file pdf .

Visual Shortcut Creator

Shows created shortcuts like they will appear on the target machine

Program Shortcuts in different folder

Automatic creation of Uninstall Shortcuts

Different output formats in one step

  • self-extracting Setup into a single Exe-file
  • ZIP-file of the Setup-EXE

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