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R  MinImage Version 3
  English, French, German, Norwegian

Scan, Edit, Optimize Images

  • MinImage is a programm to Scan and Optimize Images rapidly
  • especially designed for Big images
  • furthermore it contains a Batch conversion, Screenshot, Print and Edit function (e.g. Rotate, Sharpen, Color reduction)

Photos, Maps, scanned Text:

  • Scan
  • Screenshot
  • Cut /Crop; Resample / Resize
  • Color reduction
  • Rotate
  • Sharpen, Blur, Filter
  • Optimization
  • Copy, Paste
  • Print, PrintPreview
  • Bitmap, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Tiff Fax G3+G4
  • View:
    • Direct comparison of Original und Optimized image by split screen, horizontally or vertically
    • Almost arbitrary Zoom In and Zoom Out
    • High Quality Rendering
    • Full screen mode
  • Size Chart of achieved Compression
  • Comparison of time to load:
    e.g. the smaller JPEG-files need generally more time to render the image. This may become undesirable for big images.
Find your images rapidly
  • History of recently uses files
  • Display as Thumbnails
  • History of recently used folders

  • Search function
  • Rapid and direct acquiring possible without scanner's user interface
  • Economize space to save images
  • Faster display of scanned images by optimizing loading time

Batch Conversion
The Batch Conversion tranforms simultaneously several files into another format or with other compression rates.

The destination folders is selectable.
Drag and Drop
Per "Drag and Drop" allows you to drag a group of files or whole folders from the Windows-Explorer to the batch form of this program. Drag

Compare "MinImage" with other image optimizer pograms.
Pay special attention to following items:

v Scanning Support of Scanners and digital Cameras via TWAIN-Interface
v Split screen For direct comparison of original and optimized image
v Big images Fast loading and rendering even of big images (e.g. > 10.000x10.000 Pixels)
Big images can be optimized subsquently with a moderate use of memory.
Such images may be the death for some other programs.
v Zoom Free selectable zoom with almost arbitrary scale (is not a matter of course in all programs)
v Print Print and Printpreview in three output sizes
v Change Resize, Filtered Resampling, Flip, Mirror, Rotation
Rotation with arbitrary angle and selectable border color; e.g. important for scanned topographical maps
v Batch Automatic conversion of groups of files in one step
v Black'n White Only the Fax G3 and G4 encoder returns an outstanding compression rate for drawing like images (e.g. cadastral maps, scanned text) in black and white.
v Multilingual Currently in english, german and french
v Update Integrated Online-Update to search newer versions

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