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 Sun-Moon-Calendar for Windows Version 9
  English, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian
Sun-Moon-Calendar, Holidays, Sign of Zodiac


The Program calculates the sets, rises and phases of the sun and moon.
It covers over 2000 locations in 110 countries. The program includes signs of the Zodiac, Saint's days, and days of Eclastical year, the moon in the Ecliptic, a graphical overview of the moons brightness, and time zone information and comparison.

Other features include absolute local accuracy by management of own locations, pretty daily graphic, easy navigation and additional search functions, scientific calculation methods that involve even the influence of the moons distance, and the ability to print your own professional reports - monthly list, yearly overview etc.

Aside from astronomers and astrologists, this program is very useful for people who need to know rises and sets like fishermen, hunters and other outdoor activists. Note that Rises and Sets may differ appreciably yet at distances of 100miles.


 Sun-Moon-CE for Pocket PC Version 3.0
  English, Spanish, German, French

The little brother of the succesful Sun-Moon Calendar for Windows.
Use it now - mobile on your Pocket PC:

Sun-Moon CE   Screenshots

  • Moonbrightness
  • Monthly List
  • Yearly overview of moonphases
  • Moon in the Circle of Zodiac

The new Version 3 supports now also devices with

  • VGA resolution (480x640)
  • Square screens (240x240 or 480x480)
  • Rotating screens, portrait and landscape mode on the same screen


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