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Logo  LandMap Vivo - short description

  • Create GPS enabled geo maps directly on the background of aereal photos and road maps from the internet
  • Import geodata from Google-Earth, OpenStreetMap, GPS tracks and GPS logger
  • Map editor , manually digitizing
  • Specifical graphical objects (borderlines, borderareas) to guarantee exact same borders of neighbour areas
  • Layer management
  • Insert own symbols (trees, building, etc.), labeling the map
  • Screen calibration for true to display on the screnn
  • Free scalable
  • Measurements:
    • area size (hectares, acres) of an arbitrary number of areas
    • total area, net area, restricted area
    • recorgnizes automatically embedded areas
    • measure of paths
  • True to scale print of map sections
  • Export to "Google Earth" as vector map
  • Export as Pixel-Image (jpg, gif, png, tiff, bitmap)
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