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 Quick PocketSetup

The easy way to Setups for Pocket PC.

Ony la few steps to a professional Setup

The clear wizard guides you to a ready installation.


User interface in different languages.
Currently in english, german and spanish
Further langauge drivers may be downloaded

Prepared Standard Licence Texts

Predefined licence texts in english, german and spanish are included.
These texts are very general and can be used normally with little or without any modifications.

Comprehensive Project Documentation

The Alpa and Omega of  software design is a clean and detailled documentation. This involves also the setup projects. 
Quick PocketSetup creates automatically a full documentation for each project - with preview and print option.

Here's an example of a project documentation  as PDF file pdf .

Different output formats in one step

  • self-extracting Setup into a single Exe-file
  • ZIP-file of the Setup-EXE
  • CAB-file of the project

Secure Testmode

  • Simulates all steps of the installation procedure without really installing the software on the mobile device
  • So ActiveSync wouldn't try to install all your setups test when connecting next time to the mobile device


If a CAB-file contains same filenames in different folders most CAB-generating programs are unable to handle this correctly. Even such professional programs like "Visual Studio" and "Installshield" result in faulty CAB files.
But don't worry - Quick PocketSetup has no problems with such a kind of CAB projects!

The  Professional-Version of "Quick PocketSetup" provides furthermore


"Quick PocketSetup Professional" contains some important optimized Redistributables for Windows Mobile for PocketPC - apart from  .NET CF and Mobile SQL components also ADO CE 3.0 (to handle Acces databases on the mobile device) that is officially not available.

These redistributables are especially optimized for Pocket PC and therefore they are much smaller (1-5MB) than the Microsoft downloads (20-30MB).

Management of external packages

embedding of external CAB-files into to the unique setup file
Management of own CAB file as re-usable components

Edition Comparison

Feature   Standard  

currently English, German and Spanish; predefined licence texts

generates automatically a detailled documentation with preview and print
File Management:
arbitrary number of files and folders, tree diagram
specific attributes for each file:
Self-Register (ActiveX), Shared, different overwrite modes
Programm Shortcuts:
to fast access to your program on the Pocket PC
File Association Wizard:
automatical association of file types with an application
Registry  Entries:
on the mobile device
actual and optimized for Pocket PC
link directly into your executable setup
external CAB files:
manage prepared CAB-files as reusable components

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