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Logo Dr. Regener LandMap Vivo   (Version 10)  

Vivo Cache - own maps even witout own data !
GPS enabled and witout extra charge.

Vivo Manager

  • The Vivo technology is the key revolution of this version
  • Aereal and satellite fotos and roadmaps loaded from the web, stored local and used directly and rapidly without internet
  • this means. own maps without own data: no scann of paper maps, no order of official maps
  • draw directly areas on the aereal foto and view instantly the area size(hektars, acres)
  • analyse GPS-tours on the background of aereal fotos and road maps
  • print true to scale without background
  • Import from OpenStreetMap - the free world road map

    OpenStreetMap road map

  • Import ready road maps
  • Edit, format in "LandMap Vivo", measure areas
  • Worldwide database, GPS enabled
  • The material is absolutely free of any licence fee
  • Geo-Maps from Google-Earth!

    Example GE

    Create GPS-enabled vector maps in "Google Earth", copy/paste them to "LandMap Vivo" and make all what you cannot do in "Google Earth"
    • Measure areas
    • Insert symbols and text labels
    • Print resulting vector maps true to scale without satellite background
    and ...
    • Geodata from GPX, GPS loggers and "GPS for Google Earth"
    • Manual vectorisation of maps in an easy way
    • as pixel graphic (TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, JPEG) for use in external programs
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